ACT Courses and ACT Tutoring


The ACT exam is accepted by many American universities, measures eligibility for academic study and is as popular as the SAT exam in recent years. We are ambitious about achieving the desired success with our experienced and successful ACT Course teachers. With the ACT Course programs we offer, the lessons that students need are given by our expert teachers in the most efficient way. We provide guidance and consultancy services especially on exam strategies and time management.


Regular ACT practice tests every week allow us to keep a close eye on our students’ success and missing issues. Systematic and disciplined ACT course makes success inevitable. The ACT exam consists of four parts: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning. The exam, which consists of 215 multiple choice questions, lasts approximately 3.5 hours. The exam is given six times a year and students’ composite scores range from 1 to 36. All in all, it is observed that students who are native speakers of English SAT at a serious disadvantage against the students who live more successful and competitive in the ACT in the international arena in Turkey.

While SAT is a broad vocabulary and superior language skills, ACT tests the student’s relationship to numbers and how many questions they can answer accurately under time pressure. In short, to be successful in SAT, the student must have a very strong English background. ACT can be considered as a race against time.


The ACT Math Test section contains 60 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. All math questions are multiple choice questions and there are 5 options in the answer section of each question.


This part of the ACT exam consists of 40 questions that need to be answered in 35 minutes. In this section where you need to pay the most attention to time, you have 52.5 seconds for each question. The general format is similar to the ACT Reading section and the ACT Mathematics section, but is much closer to the ACT Reading section.


ACT Reading part consists of 4 passages of 750 words. In this section, which consists of 40 questions, you have 35 minutes to answer the 35 questions, as in the ACT Science section.


ACT English Test is a multiple choice test that tests your English grammar skills. The ACT English Test, which consists of 75 questions, takes 45 minutes. The score from ACT Writing only affects the student’s English test score.


Taking the ACT Writing test does not influence your branch of knowledge scores or your Composite score. In any case, without a composition test score, no English Language Arts (ELA) score will be accounted for.


From the first day you register for our course, you will start working with the ACT Practice Exam materials we share with you as soon as possible. With quality course materials and Practice Exam content, you are prepared for every question you may encounter during the exam.


Because the ACT Test is a unique type of exam, the right location and the right material selection are extremely important when searching for the ACT Practice Test and the ACT Course. Working with bad ACT materials is a waste of time and at the same time will not take you any further. In order to prevent this, we aim to get high scores from ACT exam with our professional act practice test and our experienced training staff. In many institutions and on the Internet, unfortunately there are a lot of useless and poor quality ACT exams and ACT course materials for the ACT Exam. With or without money, most of these materials will take you away from the target you want to reach. That is why we recommend that you choose your place of study carefully.